Organic Lavender Pure Essential Oil, Angustifolia Variety

Wholesale Angustifolia 'Maillette' Essential Oil ~ 10ml

Distilled right here on the farm by Paul, from flowers harvested by Jordan, this delicate Maillette oil is a true testament to the art of small-batch distilling of essential oils. These plants have been growing in the fields of Jardin du Soleil's certified organic farm for almost 20 years! They provide the sweetest floral scent. This Angustifolia Oil is known for its calming qualities. Making it great for sleep, stress relief, and relaxation. It can also be used as a culinary oil. Try adding a tiny drop in a pot of tea or a cookie recipe. 
*You may notice that we are out of the larger quantities of this oil. We are having trouble propagating Maillette plants so there will only be the 10ml size for the foreseeable future. As soon as we are able to get more plants in the ground we will be able to produce more oil. We plan on it being a couple of years before production is back up enough to sell larger quanties. 
L. Angustifolia Maillette 
USDA Organic

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