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Lavender Hydrosol Spray

Our organic hydrosol is created during the essential oil distilling process. When steam distilling Lavender you end up with two liquids, oil, and water. The oil is poured off the top and bottled as an essential oil, the water is bottled as hydrosol. Different elements of the lavender plant come through in each liquid. The water-soluble elements in the hydrosol make it great as a natural and all-purpose cleaner, a refreshing face and body spray, hair detangler, and even a pet deodorizer.  The scent of lavender hydrosol and lavender essential oil are very different from each other, the best way we can describe it is, the hydrosol is greener and more mineral-rich smelling. Once you try it we promise you'll end up loving it and using it for everything! 

Size: 16 oz

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