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Lavender Hydrosol Spray

Our organic hydrosol is created during the essential oil distilling process. When steam distilling Lavender you end up with two liquids, oil, and water. The oil is poured off the top and bottled as an essential oil, the water is bottled as hydrosol. Different elements of the lavender plant come through in each liquid. The water-soluble elements in the hydrosol make it great as a natural and all-purpose cleaner, a refreshing face and body spray, hair detangler, and even a pet deodorizer.  The scent of lavender hydrosol and lavender essential oil are very different from each other, the best way we can describe it is, the hydrosol is greener and more mineral-rich smelling. Once you try it we promise you'll end up loving it and using it for everything! 

Size: 16 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I use this for EVERYTHING!

I can't say enough for this product. I keep multiple bottles around the house, in kitchen as a non-toxic counter cleaner as well as fruit and vegetable wash, in the bathroom for surface wiping and personal cleansing, in the bedroom to freshen sheets and for ironing, and use it outside to help repel pesky insects. I wish there were larger refill bottles available.


Love this product! A perfect gift for anyone in your life, including yourself!

Lavender Hydrosol Spray

First time purchasing any kind of hydrosol spray. The scent wasn't quite what I expected. It had more earthy tones rather than a strong lavender scent.
I use it as an alternative to fabric softener in my delicate rinse cycle. It works well for both the females and males in my home.
Not sure if I would purchase again, was a little pricey. Packaging and sprayer bottle is of really good quality.

Fantastic Multi-Use Product

If you are searching for THE non-toxic, yet effective home cleaning product, this is the answer!
Endless uses, safe for children, pets and those sensitive to harsh fragrance and cleaners.

Very useful for aromatherapy, mood/sleep support, and just such a pleasant product to use. And of course, the fragrance transports you to Jardin’s sunbathed lavender fields. I am a lifelong customer-thanks Jardin!

Amazed at what this can do!

This little bottle of clear water totally blows my mind on what it can do. It's not just a mild cleaner, but using it in your hair as a detangler? Who knew? but it works! I've also used it to clean my glasses (came out really clean with no smudges), windows and mirrors, phone, counters, tables. I'll spray some on a napkin so I can wipe the hands and faces of little ones if can't get to a sink and I know it's nontoxic. I'm sure the possibilities are endless, I just haven't found them all yet.

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